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Vision and Mission



Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Centre, an initiative run by Samarth Trust, is not a model of a new cow shelter, but it is a campaign to create an environment to preserve the boon of the Indian cow breed for the future.


We have to secure this boon by creating an environment of using only one GauMata in Pancha Gavya life, so that the generations after us get the privilege of getting this boon.

All of us Indians can show the whole world an example of how to live a life and the way to deal with upcoming adversities easily.

Efforts to save GauMata through charity must be stopped.

By making GauMata a part of the family, ‘we will be saved, and the world will be saved’.

Let us all together set an example in the sacred pilgrimage area of Nashik, so that the entire country gets direction. Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Center is ready to fulfill this responsibility. Are you ready to become an example for the country?

“One GauMata, one family” is a campaign and you are the cornerstone of this campaign. If you want to become the pillar of this campaign, then contact the coordinators of Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Centre.