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“One GauMata, One Family”

In this pandemic era of Corona/covid -19, we all have understood that we are safe in all areas like Indian food, behavior, lifestyle, health, culture only because of Indian methods/culture.

An important part of the Indian lifestyle is – ‘GauMata. In ancient times, there used to be a place for the Gaumata in every house, but today it is not there. We accept the ancient system and understand that it is no less fortunate for us.

We understand that the Indian cow dynasty is a boon for us, every part of life is related to GauMata, be it theology, economics, agriculture, sociology, health science, ecology or spirituality, GauMata is very important to all, and is deeply connected. We see many examples of this in some corners of the country.

Gaumata is a boon for us, so should we take this boon for granted, as this boon will remain with us. This is our biggest mistake.

There is still a chance to correct this mistake, if we want to preserve the boon of Indian cattle then we have to adopt the age-old way of life.

Generally, we are aware of Pancha Gavya and at some point, of time we have either used it or are using it in some form or the other. Due to our ignorance, we are not able to have an emotional attachment with GauMata due to which we are not able to use the power of GauMata (Pancha Gavya) as per our need (physical) and try to keep it on scientific principles. Sometimes the result is different, this is not only our failure but also an insult to GauMata.

Individual effort to take care of the blessing of GauMata is very important but it is not permanent. Therefore, Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Center is trying to create an environment which sets an example of a socially just system.

Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Centre, an initiative run by Samarth Trust, is not a model of a new cow shelter, but it is a campaign to create an environment to preserve the boon of the Indian cow breed for the future.


We have to secure this boon by creating an environment of using only one GauMata in Pancha Gavya life, so that the generations after us get the privilege of getting this boon.

All of us Indians can show the whole world an example of how to live a life and the way to deal with upcoming adversities easily.

Efforts to save GauMata through charity must be stopped.

By making GauMata a part of the family, ‘we will be saved, and the world will be saved’.

Let us all together set an example in the sacred pilgrimage area of Nashik, so that the entire country gets direction. Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Center is ready to fulfill this responsibility. Are you ready to become an example for the country?

“One cow, mother, one family” is a campaign and you are the cornerstone of this campaign. If you want to become the pillar of this campaign, then contact the coordinators of Samarth Cow Promotion and Research Centre.

Importance of Indigenous (Desi) Cow

GauMata is the source of Progress and Prosperity in many ways. It has helped mankind in farms to plough, on roads to carry loads, at home with milk and with urine and cow dung for several other uses in day-to-day life. GauMata is the foundation of our economy.


Living space – clean, neat, airy.

Food – Provision of food containing medicines like green fodder, dry fodder, ashwagandha, asparagus etc.

Health Details Journal – Complete health details of each mother cow are kept after its arrival. From time to time, doctors come to the cow shed to check the health of the mother cow.