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 Adore the living god: Encourages recognizing and respecting the sacred essence within ourselves and others.  

 Living Moral Sermons: Be a living example of moral values and ethical conduct. Prioritize moral values in daily life.

 Strengthen Character: Build a solid and fearless character through positive thoughts, actions, and the cultivation of virtues.

 Light of Knowledge: Carry the enlightening torch of knowledge to guide yourself and others. Pursue knowledge and wisdom for character refinement.

 Spiritual Realization Methods: Embrace the fourfold methods for spiritual realization. Include spiritual practices to strengthen character and inner resilience.

 Self-empowerment and Faith: Have faith in yourself as you pursue spiritual growth. Cultivate moral strength through spiritual discipline.

 Bharat’s Spiritual Legacy: Recognize Bharat as a land of religious tolerance and wisdom. Embrace and uphold the diversity within Sanatan Bharatiya values while promoting unity.

 Conquering with Spirituality: Envision Bharat as a force to dominate the world with spiritual principles. Engage in selfless service for the well-being of others.

 Balancing Activity and Calmness: Maintain intense activity with eternal calmness for a harmonious life. Incorporate yoga and meditation for mental and spiritual balance.

 Innate Divinity Manifestation: Manifest your inherent divinity and integrate your personality. Cultivate love and respect for all beings as an expression of divine unity.

 Universal Spirituality: Advocate for a universal religion and spread spiritual knowledge worldwide. Understand and fulfil one’s righteous duties (dharma) with dedication.


 Fundamental Duties: Fulfill your duties as a citizen of Bharat by upholding the values of the Constitution and actively contributing to the nation’s well-being.

 Individual Integrity: Cultivate unique character based on moral values and ethical conduct.

 Service to Others: Engage in selfless service for the nation’s well-being.

 Educational Excellence: Prioritize knowledge and wisdom to contribute effectively to society.

 Spiritual Foundation: Embrace spiritual practices to build inner resilience and strength.

 Unity in Diversity: Recognize and celebrate diversity while fostering unity for national development.

 Leadership with Integrity: Develop leaders with strong moral character to guide the nation.

 Social Responsibility: Instill a sense of social responsibility and empathy in citizens.

 Innovation and Progress: Encourage a culture of innovation and progress in all aspects of life.

 Global Citizenship: Foster a sense of global citizenship while preserving cultural values.

 Patriotism with Purpose: Promote patriotism rooted in a purposeful contribution to national advancement.


 Spiritual Eminence: Lead the world through spiritual wisdom and moral excellence.

 Cultural Harmony: Promote global leadership by embracing and fostering cultural tolerance and harmony.

 Wisdom and Knowledge Hub: Position Bharat as a center of wisdom and knowledge for the world.

 Universal Brotherhood: Advocate for leadership grounded in universal brotherhood and mutual respect.

 Spiritual Diplomacy: Conduct global affairs with a foundation in spiritual values and ethical conduct.

 Service-Oriented Leadership: Lead with a focus on selfless service and the welfare of humanity.

 Innovative Spiritual Solutions: Offer innovative spiritual solutions to global challenges.

 Integrate Science and Spirituality: Blend scientific progress with spiritual principles for comprehensive leadership.

 Inspire Positive Transformation: Inspire the world towards positive transformation through spiritual teachings.

 Embody the Essence: Exemplify the essence of Bharat’s spiritual heritage in leadership actions and principles.

All Power is Within You

Samarth Trust’s work for Individual development leads to national development,

Which achieves sustainable world peace.

For the above vision, Samarth Trust initiated Mera Samarth Bharat Abhiyan and Samarth Vidyapeeth, a people’s movement. And many other initiatives were going on for our glorious mission.

Swami Vivekanand and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam also inspired us.