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"Samarth" is determined to work with focused efforts towards the enrichment and growth of our Nation, under the guiding light of our patrons as well as our age-old heritage of "PARAMARTH" and "PURUSHARTH".

MSB is to impart life skills, thinking skills, global skills, positive attitude with vision, mission and inculcating values, social responsibilities and ignite the minds among the focused age group of 10 to 17 years. The modules will be introduced to children from 6th class onwards. The design of the program encourages peer learning and thus ensures continuity and sustainability of the training module and is kept operative for a long term.

The program is designed keeping in focus STUDENTS, YOUTHS PARENTS and TEACHERS. It is designed to impart and develop Life and leadership skills, Positive attitude with Vision and Mission, inculcating ethics and values, social responsibility and living life with a Specific Goal and direction.

It aims at strengthening the foundation for Holistic and Integral Development i.e. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Development of each citizen.

Special features of the program:

 Every student connects with his duties and responsibilities towards the society and nation

 Participation in national programs as per personal hobbies and interests

  Development of citizens who can usher in transformation and sustainable development in the country

 Overall economic development because of Human Development and National Orientation

  With the progress of the program, the Potential Leaders are developed for appropriate mentorship. This will ensure long term sustenance