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Manish Manjul

He is the founder and First General Secretary of Samarth Trust. A Man with a Mission – he is a visionary leader for developed Bharat to achieve world peace.

After centuries of subjugation, Bharat gained independence on August 15, 1947, but even before that, the vast Bharat was divided into several parts. A constitution was enacted for the fragmented Bharat on January 26, 1950. The duties and fundamental responsibilities of the citizens of Bharat, mentioned in Article 51(A) and other public welfare works, have been emphasized. However, societal behavior has turned contrary to these duties.

Therefore, adhering to the fundamental duties mentioned in Article 51(A) has become crucial from this perspective. It is an essential task for keeping the Bhartiya culture alive.

According to the organization’s objectives, creating awareness among the citizens of Bharat about their fundamental duties mentioned in the constitution and carrying out all kinds of activities for that purpose is essential.

Samarth trust

To fulfil and promote the fundamental duties, it is necessary to establish leadership and creativity among Bhartiya citizens and to coordinate and integrate the essential needs and arrangements for their goals.

Working for the nation, leaving self-interest aside, is not possible without the feeling of patriotism. Therefore, forming a pure sense of national sentiment, bringing together dedicated and hardworking individuals in a unified organization, and making efforts to eliminate all flaws in national life through the strength of this organization is a fundamental and significant task.

Global peace is only possible through Bharat, Bhartiya and Bhartiyata.

To achieve world peace, every individual’s development is essential for national development.

For Individual development, Samarth Trust follows the guidelines and principles of Swami Vivekanand and Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

He has conceptualized, devised and implemented several programs to achieve his objectives.

1.Mera Samarth Bharat Abhiyan: “Facilitating a Holistic Environment for Nation Building through Individual Development.” Pursuing the dream of a Developed Bharat as a World Leader operates with the vision of former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and Swami Vivekananda.
The movement is based on Goals, Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Values. This will achieve Individual development for National Development.

2.CARRIED(Centre for Advanced Research, Reference, Information and Enhanced Documentation): A project dedicated to national renaissance and rejuvenation.

3.GRID(Global Reference, Information and Documentation)

4.SGSAK(Samarth Gau Samvardhan Evam Anusandhan Kendra): Bharat’s Indigenous Mother Cow offers multifaceted contributions to humanity. Revered in ancient texts and scriptures, these cows embody cultural, ecological, and economic value. Identifying their importance and relevance is pivotal in fostering a holistic approach to Mankind’s well-being.

5.Samarth Vidyapeeth: Is a transformative initiative that caters to students from class 6 onwards in rural or tribal areas, offering personalized instruction under the guidance of a dedicated single teacher. With a 2-3 hours commitment, the program ensures focused learning, emphasizing holistic development across intellectual, physical, cultural, and social dimensions. Its comprehensive curriculum, spanning subjects like mathematics, science, English, and the mother tongue, is meticulously designed to foster well-rounded intellectual growth, making Samarth Vidyapeeth a beacon for inclusive and impactful education.

6.YAGYA: Excellence by Knowledge with Yoga Promoting excellence through integrating knowledge and yoga.

7.Bharat Jyoti: Bharat Jyoti has been created by compiling the country’s unbroken flame of thousands of years of sadhana centers. Bharat has a unique and glorious culture and civilization. Bharat Jyoti will thus spread Universal Brotherhood, Inspiration, Spiritual Enhancement, National Integration and Harmony. Bharat Jyoti will illuminate the lives of millions. Therefore, let us also bring these lamps to our Homes and boost positive and creative energies across Bharat and the rest of the world.

Manish’s focus on fostering individual development and instilling a sense of citizen responsibility is paving the way towards building a developed Bharat that stands as a global leader.