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Position: Product Manager
Job Description

Products we design and develop are aimed to enhance the learning and to bridge the learning gap with the aid of technology. A product architect will not only create a product but also curate the soul of the whole idea with the aim of bringing education to masses. You will be working with two major dimensions: design and development, business development.

 He/she would first understand the product vision and business needs to define product requirements

 Consult the business management team to clarify objectives and functional requirements for new or modified products

 Maintain product roadmap and architectural standards that assure product development projects optimally align with business objectives

 He/she will be responsible for design, development and support of existing and new products

 Develop architectural and design principles to improve performance, capacity, and scalability of products

 Work with Product Manager in planning and execution of new product releases

 Support the product release plans and set the expectation for delivery of new functionalities

 Facilitate the creation, review, and sign off of project deliverables

 Research and analyze market, the users, and the roadmap for the product

 Follow our competitors and the industry